Finally a visit to the Mysore Palace

So last year I was in Mysore for nearly 6 weeks and I kind of didn’t get around to visiting the main tourist attraction, the reason why many of the tourists come to visit this city – the Mysore palace. Last year I had a good excuse, after travelling in the north for a couple of months I was pretty much palaced out. This year, I had no excuses so when I thought I was leaving on Thursday and realised I hadn’t got around to seeing the Palace again I felt a little bit bad (but got over it pretty quickly because I know I will be back in Mysore for more yoga at some stage).

So today, feeling much better – Jennifer and I decided to go out for dinner in town. While we were in the auto (tuk tuk) we decided to stop by the palace and quickly check it out. I was quite chuffed as I particularly wanted to see it on a Sunday night when it is all lit up. It is really pretty:

Hmmm…. no wonder why we have so many power cuts in Mysore!!! Luckily for the climate change efforts (if there is one in India) they only have the palace lit up like this on Sundays for a couple of hours.

For more information about the palace, check out this website:


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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