An update

[Note: This one was written in India, but not posted until I got to NZ… figured I might as well put it up seeing as it is all part of the travel diary].

Good news, I am feeling much better and the food likes to stay in my tummy now. This is fantastic, I am no longer scared to eat. I am a bit more paranoid that usual, but maybe that is a good thing. One thing is for sure, it is highly unlikely I will ever (ever) eat meat in India again! Having said that, the doctor thinks what I got was probably a water borne thing… so maybe I should be more careful with the water. Agh, who knows. The way I look at it… I was just unlucky – in the last 2yrs I have spent over 5 months in India and I only got sick 3 times… once was a yoga detox (doesn’t count), once was definitely a bad curry and this one is more of a mystery.

So, only 2 tummy bugs out of 5 months in India isn’t that bad; I am careful when I travel but certainly not half as paranoid has a lot of the westerners I have met in India (ie, I eat at local restaurants, I often drink the local restaurants filtered water (like the locals do) and I brush my teeth with tap water (which I am now thinking is probably dodgy).

Anyway… it doesn’t matter how I got it, the important part is I am better now. Yay. I think it is confirmed that I will fly home on Monday evening, will be stuck in Singapore for the day and then arrive home on Wednesday afternoon (via Christchurch). Can’t wait! I am packed and ready to go… I feel the need for some fresh air, my big bed, a good salad and some real free range eggs from chickens that eat nature (and not plastic bags like they do in India).


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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