My crazy crazy dog friend

I almost forgot to post about my crazy crazy dog friend.

Some of you may remember from last year I wrote about the crazy dog I used to see on the way to yoga class in the morning. This dog was a nut case and amused me… she’d come running up to me every day and try and jump on me. She was kind of cute and I am sure she has A.D.D (attention deficit disorder). Anyway, a few days after I arrived in Mysore I saw her one morning on the way to yoga – she has changed a lot in the last year!

She has obviously had puppies (saggy boobs) and she has chilled out a lot… when she saw me looking at her she ran up to me to say hi, then she quickly lost interest and went about her business sniffing rubbish. I’ve seen her around quite a bit since then, she just ignores me now… but that is ok, she will always be my crazy crazy dog friend.

I think its kind of cool how I can come back to Mysore and recognise not only yoga students from last year… but I also a few of the resident dogs and cows! Here are some photos of Crazy:


2008/2009 (see last years post).


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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