Home sweet home

I managed to arrive in New Zealand in one piece. It was a fairly rough journey home as I was still very weak and on the way home from Singapore the tummy bug started to advise me that it hadn’t quite finished with me yet! To make things worse, I managed to pick up a cold on the way home so by the time arrived in Wellington I was pretty worn out!

I arrived home on Wednesday and had to take the rest of the week off work to recuperate and get my strength back. The tummy bug lingered, the cold developed into a full on sinus infection and my hair started to fall out! After two trips to the doctor, another course of antibiotics, a lot off sleep and a few weeks of taking it easy, I eventually came right.  All and all the trip to India lead to a loss of 7kg (most of that in the last week!) of which I put 2kg back on as soon as I got better. The rest has crept back slowly over a period of months.

Lessons learnt:

  • Travel Insurance is GREAT, while the medical costs were minimal I would have been stuffed had I not been able to change my flights. Always get travel insurance.
  • NEVER schedule workshops the 1st day back at work after a long overseas trip. It is asking for trouble, esp if you have people travelling to attend them! I missed the first two days of a series of workshops that I was supposed to be running… not a great look.
  • And most importantly… when in India NEVER drink the ‘filtered’ water in local restaurants. Ever. Oh, yeah and don’t eat chicken either, it’s best to stick to vegetarian! Hmm… not quite sure what I was thinking!