Travelling Kiwi hits the road again

So, after a period of non-travelling Travelling Kiwi FINALLY got to go travelling again! Ok, its not that bad, I did actually sneak in a little trip to Thailand before starting my new job in April 2011.

Anyways, after a lot of drama in NZ in Oct/Nov/Dec (incl 10 days in hospital and over a month of bedrest) I locked in my plans to return to India to study yoga with my teacher in Mysore. The purpose of the trip is to try and heal my problematic hip. I figure the mixture of a warm climate, Asian food, fresh coconuts and yoga will do me the world of good. My employer has been VERY understanding and despite me having all that sick leave they are allowing me to take another month off to try and fix my hip and get a good rest. Luckily for me, the cheapest ticket to India was via Bangkok so I get to see my family in Thailand on the way over.

So, I am leaving NZ on crutches and am hoping like hell I don’t need them when I come back!


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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