Travelling with a duffy hip

The flight to Thailand was a little painful for lefty (my left hip) but the crutches made things a lot easier. In Auckland I made the mistake of accepting help to get from the domestic terminal to international (I am sure I could have manged the shuttle). Because I was requiring assistance I had to spend the 1.5hrs before my flight sitting with a bunch of grannies/grandpas waiting for the shuttle. Then I had to wait with all the kids (unaccompanied minors) and elderly folk in International until someone came to rush me to the plane. No time for lunch or (more importantly) buying duty free. 😦

About 15 mins before my flight was due to depart I was zipped through “VIP” immigration/customs (kinda cool) and rushed to the plane which was waiting for me. My crutches were taken off me (safety hazard) and every 20-30mins when I needed to go for a walk I had to ask for one of them back. It was a bit of a hassle, but c’est la vie. I was just very very happy I could go on the trip.

On arrival to Thailand a wheel chair was waiting for me. A tired granny tried to steal it but I got priority. Just as well, Bangkok airport is huge and I would never have made it! I think it took about 15-20 mins to walk to Immigration. Once I got to the other side of customs I was wheeled to my Dad who was waiting for me, I happily ditched the wheel chair and used the crutches.

My hip gets flared up from sitting, so the flight set me back for a few days. Luckily Dad had booked the family in to a resort in HuaHin so I was able to rest-up before the trip to India.


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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