Arriving in Bangalore

Ok, so I’ve given the quick rundown of my arrival in India above because I wanted friends and family to know I have arrived safely. This is an elaboration of the previous post, so feel free to skip ahead to the next one.

So I arrived very late on Christmas evening, around midnight. Being one of only two westerners on the flight and because I was on crutches, the stare factor was very high. Luckily this meant I was easily spotted by the driver who picked me up in a van and took me to a nearby hotel. I quickly fell asleep but woke up around 2am thinking something was crawling on me, turned on the light… it was a cockroach. I couldn’t help but smile… hello India!

The next morning I woke up well before dawn. I was over tired, over excited and a little jetlagged (not much as Bangalore is only 1.5 hours behind Thailand). I tried to wait patiently for dawn and then watched the sun rise from my room. After chilling for a few hours I had what I expect to be my last proper hot shower of my visit to India. Then it was off to breakfast (iddlies, yum) and before long it was time to pack up, say good bye to Santa and head to Mysore!

Santa hanging out in the hotel loby


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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