The drive to Mysore

Because of the hip injury I had arranged for a driver to take me to Mysore. I was told he would arrive at 11am, so being in India I guessed he would come anytime between 11am and noon. I was pleasantly surprised when I got a call at 10.30 saying he was here. Luckily my bags were packed and I was more than ready to go.

My driver didn’t appear to speak much English and wasn’t overly talkative, so conversation was minimal. The drive to Mysore is 3-4 hours and most of it was spent gazing outside the window watching life in India go by. I didn’t have any real near death experiences; just a couple of close calls which I think is fairly average.

I’ve started to suss out the road rules here:
– Bigger vehicle always has right of way
– Toot if you want to overtake (even on 2 lane highways)
– Toot if you are about to hit something
– Toot if something is about to hit you
– Toot if you want to be seen
– Toot if someone is in your way

As you can imagine, it’s very noisy and often chaotic on the roads!

I did enjoy watching the world go by though; India is a very lively colourful place. I saw beautiful women in saris, kids in uniform, men milling round, people selling their goods at the roadside and of course cows wandering around like they own the place. On the road were motorcycles, cars, trucks, auto rickshaws and even the occasional cart being led by oxen.

All and all I arrived in Mysore safely which is the most important thing. And when I arrived there was a nice familiarity about the place. The driver had no idea where to go and I was rather surprised that I could help give directions even though it’s been 2 years since I was last here and I am staying in a different part of town!

I am staying in a little 2 bedroom apartment with my friend Gia (who I’ve met in Mysore on other trips), then when she heads off to Goa for a holiday I will be sharing with a lovely Irish lass (Deirdre) who is studying with Vinay the first time. Gia and Deirdre were at the apartment when I arrived so a cup of tea and a catch-up was had. It felt so nice to be ‘home’ in Mysore. It really does feel like a 3rd home now.


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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