Krishnamurtypurum and Paneer 65

For my last two visits to Mysore I stayed in Lakshmipurum, a little suburb about 10-15min walk to the yoga slaha. This time I am staying somewhere new, I am staying in a little suburb called Krishnamurtypurum. This place is conveniently close to everything including the yoga shala, the coconut man and my favourite local restaurant. We are close to the main road yet it is still very quiet and there are lots of trees and all day you can hear the birds tweeting away in harmony with the traffic.

Usually I stay in a little studio apartment but this time I am staying in a REAL apartment (Indian styles) with my friend Gia who I met when I first came to Mysore 4 years ago. We each have a nice room with a lovely big hard bed, a simple kitchen, a living area and even a little dining room. There is a squat toilet which presented a challenge at first (due to the hip) and a large bathroom with hot water. The shower isn’t hooked up to the hot water but that doesn’t matter, I don’t mind having a bucket shower if the water is hot. We also have a little private balcony area and upstairs there is a rooftop that everyone can use.

I gave myself some a couple of days to get sorted before starting my yoga classes. This meant a trip into town which was fun. I was walking around with a big silly smile on my face and totally enjoyed the chaos in the centre of town. My mission was to change some money into rupees, buy some suitable yoga clothes and some groceries. By golly it was a mission… changing baht to rupees was a challenge and involved visiting 3 banks and 2 foreign currency exchange places! I must have looked fresh off the boat as one guy was going to give me 1rupee to the baht when it is at least 1.5 rupees to the baht!

On my first night here I went to Mahesh Prasad with Gia to celebrate and got Paneer 65 (deep fried paneer cheese) and my favourite curry (Palack Paneer). Good times!!!

Paneer 65 (deep fried goodness)


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