Ooops! It appears in my excitement I’ve flared up my hip already. Silly me. So I’m back on the crutches and the stare factor is MUCH higher than yesterday. The pavements here are not very flat so off roading on crutches has been an experience and a half, it takes a lot of concentration. Walking around here is a lot of work for the hip stabalises so I am glad I’ve brought them. I can’t believe I was considering leaving them at home!!!

Luckily I have given myself a couple of days to get sorted before starting the yoga course. This will give me time rest as well as sort stuff out (ie, convert bahts to rupees which is proving to be difficult).

Tonight I did my gentle yoga sequence given to me by my New Zealand yoga teachers (Lynda and Ruth) which really helped with the pain (and will help me sleep). Tomorrow I will go and visit my teacher Vinay to discuss the plan for my month of yoga therapy. I am excited and a little nervous… its going to be a challenging month given I am still on crutches!

I am feeling very happy and contented with a dose of excited nervousness.


Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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