Settling in

Once again woke early, poor Gia who is doing teachers training has to leave for class at some crazy hour. I think her class is at 5am or something crazy. After she left (it was still dark) I dozed a little and waited for the sun to come up, I tried to do some meditation in bed, but it was a bit half arsed so I got up got up around 7am and kick started my day. I had my first bucket shower, did my gentle yoga practice + a proper seated guided meditation from my iPod. This was followed by my first load of washing ala bucket. A yummy breakfast of milkless porridge (which oddly always tastes better in India). A bit of pottering around and then around 10am I wandered up to check out the new shala (yoga school).

Today I went to meet with my yoga teacher (Vinay Kumar) to talk about the hip situation and the plan for the month. I was really nervous for some reason so it was a relief to see his smiley, friendly face and I totally trust that everything is going to be ok. Its quite hard as usually when I come here I am in better condition and its about the yoga. It will be quite a different visit this year. I am going to have to be OK with not being able to play with the other kids!

The plan for the trip is for me to pranyama in the mornings and one yoga asana class a day. I will do a special sequence in the evening back bending class. When I am not in class I have to ensure I get lots of rest and don’t over do it. So, its another dose of patience and taking it easy. Given I was on bedrest for over a month only 2 months ago… I think this is a realistic plan!

So, I am feeling really happy. Its lovely, warm and sunny and there are lots of friendly familiar faces at the yoga school.

My only biggish challenge at the moment is the squat toilet! Anyone who has hip issues will agree – squat toilets are freekn painful and less than ideal if you’ve got hip pain. It’s already getting easier though and the pain usually settles down within 5-10 mins so I am not too concerned. I think once I start the yoga the squat will be less of a problem.

An article about my teacher (Vinay Kumar) who is obviously very flexible!
Front door to the shala (yoga school). Its a lot stricter here than in NZ yoga schools.

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