An emergency pit stop at a hotel!

I am of to a rough start accommodation wise. I’ve ended up taking temporary accommodation while I look for somewhere I can stay for a month. It’s peak season for yoga students and there isn’t a lot around. I ended up having to take a 3 bedroom place on a main road where the traffic noise is terrible. I’ve got a health issue where my system doesn’t tolerate bright lights or noise well so after two days of constant Indian traffic noise, I was starting to feel really sick. I ended up going to stay at Parklane hotel to have a break and get some sleep. The hotel was overpriced and not at all good value compared to where I stayed in Bangalore, but it was amusing and I was able to sleep. They really like to label things, there were signs everywhere. And the “no tips” sign was a laugh, the staff would point to the sign and say ….. “No tips, but it’s up to you”.

Here are some photos:









Author: julia

I am a kiwi who likes to live and travel overseas.

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