About Julia’s Travels

About Julia’s Travels: This blog is to record the memories of my travel and is a way for me to keep in touch with friends/family when I’m on the road.  It was started in 2007 prior to travelling around South East Asia with my good friend Megan.  I’ve kept it going, but been a bit slack in recent years. Megan now has her own travel blog.

About Julia:  Wellington (New Zealand) is my original home but I am not often there as I love to travel and explore the wonderful world we live in. When I am working I am usually employed as a Business Analyst but sometimes I diversify and do other stuff to help with the travel savings. I quite like teaching English and I have volunteered as an English teacher in New Zealand and Thailand.

I’ve always had a thirst for travel…  I don’t know how I got the travel bug, but I suspect hearing my poppas war stories (he was in the navy so went to lots of exotic places) and getting my older brothers postcards when he was on his OE had a lot to do with it.

Julia - Sept 2008 (the day before leaving NZ)
Julia – Sept 2008 (the day before leaving NZ)

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