Home sweet home…

So this is the last blog entry for a while…. After a good 18 months gallivanting around Asia (with a 4 month stint at home in the middle) I am back in New Zealand theoretically for good! I say theoretically because we all know its highly likely I will have the urge to go on another big adventure… life is too short, the globe is too big and there are plenty more adventures to be had!

No, seriously – I am home for good. I even signed a permanent contract (I can say the ‘P’ word now),I signed up for an 18 month gym membership, have a contract with vodaphone. Gosh, I even bought a new bed.

Its good being back in Wellington, I feel a lot more settled than when I moved back home after my other OEs (2yrs in Bangkok, 2yrs in Belgium). I think I may actually settle this time. It’s funny though, I’ve come a full circle… I got the exact same job I left in Aug 07 back (I am even sitting at the same desk) and I have moved back into one of my old flats… it’s almost like I never went away.

So my friends… this is it. For now…. home sweet home 🙂


A tribute to my tevas

During my final week Mysore I came to the conclusion that my Tevas had outlived their usefulness (to me) and were ready to find a new owner. So I decided instead of lugging them to New Zealand I would leave them behind in India.

My tevas were purchased in NZ prior to leaving for South East Asia in August 2007. They have spent a lot of time wandering around Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Nepal and India. They started to get stinky in Vietnam, they gave me stunning tan lines in Laos and started to fall apart in India – first in Agra (see post), then in Puskar (see post) where they were filmed by French TV.

So it is with great sadness I part with my Tevas…..

It is with even greater sadness that I will be replacing them with a pair of sensible work sandals.

Happy New Years!

My New Years was VERY quiet… but during the day I was thinking about everyone in NZ partying away… I was with you in spirit!    A few of the yoga people from my school went to some Bajans (chanting) but because I went to the evening back bending class I was too late to join.    There was a few parties in Mysore but I decided I didn’t really feel like partying with people I didn’t really know… so in the end I went out for dinner with a couple of people from my class, then headed home and crashed!    I woke up in time for midnight and watched the fireworks from my balcony.  While it was an unusually sober and rather solitary New Years it was a really nice one….   I felt peaceful and happy.

I have had a fantastic year in 2008 and have a really good feeling about 2009 –  it is going to be awesome, even better than 2008!

Today was a holiday – so no yoga classes.   I decided to do my own practice and for the first time I did the primary series all by myself.   I did it on the balcony in the early evening (when it was nice and cool) and it took me about 1hour 45mins (this is about right I think) – it felt like it took me 40mins though, the time went so fast!!

Other than the yoga session I haven’t done much today.  I just pottered in my little apartment….  I wrote out my recipes from cooking class, sorted out paper work, did housework and read – it was so nice just to chill out and relax.

While eating my coconut on the way to the internet café I realized that I have only got 2 weeks of this yoga lifestyle left… I’m going to enjoy every last bit of it –  I must also start taking (and posting) some photos!!!   : )

A fantastic quote

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. “    – Mark Twain

Sometimes I wonder if I am doing the right thing by continually putting my life on hold to go exploring.   Every now and then I worry about the consequences of living such an unsettled life, especially as I get older and see my friends getting married, having babies and doing really well in their careers.

But after reflecting on this quote I feel totally confident that I am doing the right thing. There is plenty of time for all the other stuff (well, most of it), right now is time for me to dream, discover and explore.

2 days left of work and 5 sleeps to go until I fly to Nepal to start my big adventure!!!

1 month later – my haircut!

Ok, so its been a month and I have come to terms with my haircut (its grown a lot in a month).   Some days it looks great (lots of volume and has a nice red shade to it) and other days it looks crap (very flat and dull/mousey)… I guess the colour depends on the light.  

On this day it looked OK so I got Pat (my stepsister) to take a photo. 

The new haircut (1 month later)

Technology is GREAT! Check this out….

Skype is the best invention – I just spent nearly 2 hours talking to my friends in NZ via video conference FOR FREE!!!   It was so cool, soo lovely to see them….  I am not sure how we lasted 2 hours, I will admit the conversation turned to dribble towards the end!!!   

Oh, and we had a guest appearance from LEo the tiger!    Leo is my tiger.  I got him in Thailand years ago… he is a loved (and sometimes disliked).   He is currently living at Clares mums house while I am overseas.

Check out the photos, below is… (drum roll please) louise, leo, clare and darren!

 The webcam family  Louise, Clare and Darren