A trip to Malaysia

After India I flew to Thailand to stay with my dad and sort my life out. I had made the decision to move back to New Zealand (for good) and so was in the process of applying for my old job and finding some where to live. No better place to do that from than Dads nice house in Samaturprakarn!

My Thai working holiday visa expired while I was in Indi so I this time around I was on a standard 30 day tourist visa – unfortunately this meant I could only stay in Thailand for 30 days…. the silver lining to this grey cloud was a side trip to Malaysia.

My little brother Mike was in the same boat as me (visa wise) so we caught the overnight train down from Bangkok to Hat Yai. The train ride itself was pretty uneventful; we hung out in Hat Yai for a few hours (also uneventful) had some atrociously bad eggs (which Mike seemed to enjoy) and then got a minivan to Penang in Malaysia. Most of the forang (foreigners) on the mini-van were also doing the visa run, spending a day or so in Malaysia and then heading back to Thailand.

About 20 hours after we left Bangkok we arrived in Penang…. I was a bit tired and grumpy. We found a fairly cheap place to stay and then went to explore before catching up with a friend of mine Rob and his family. Rob, Sefong and William were staying at a posh hotel so we hung there and went for a swim (bliss). The next day Mike and I did some more exploring. We checked out chinatown and little india, then Mike took me on a random ‘special tour’ (the grand finale was a smelly fish market – thanks mike!). That evening we flew back to Bangkok…. 30 day visa extension granted!!!

Here are some pics from Malaysia: