Singapore Stopover

On the way home from India I had a 12 hour stopover in Singapore. Had I been well it would have been great as I would have spent the day in the city, however I was still feeling pretty crook so I didn’t have a lot of energy and a 12 hour stop over was the last thing I needed!

Regardless, 12 hours is what I had – so I made the most of it. I killed time in the airport for a few hours and then went on a city tour. The city tour was pretty cool but a bit fast (it only killed a couple of hours) – the best part was meeting this guy Garey and hanging out with him for a few hours after the tour. We went on a bit of an adventure and found the staff cafeteria in the airport (food was 1/4 the price of the stuff in the airport), we watched a bit of a movie and had a nap together in the movie theater (well, we both fell asleep at the same time). It was all very random! If Garey lived in Wellington I am sure we would have ended up as friends… but alas, our paths crossed and I very much doubt I will ever see him again!

Here are some pics from Singapore…