A quick stop over in Bangkok

The original plan for my holiday this year was to spend my remaining 3 weeks of annual leave in Thailand. Having been to Thailand many more times than I can count on my fingers, I decided I’ve run out of places to visit and opted for plan B… another trip to India! So my 3 week holiday became 6 weeks and the trip to Thailand became a short stop over to see my family.

I’ve been here for 3 days and not done much except hang out with my Dad which has been great. We did a quick trip to “Mega Bangna” the newish mall, I had a 3hour massage ($30nzd) and a lovely meal at a seafood restaurant by the river. The rest of the time was spent hanging out with my 2year old niece and her grandma. Little Lyon is super cute, very chatty (stretching my Thai language skills) and is developing a cheeky wee personality.

My time in Bangkok has quickly come to an end. I’m now heading to Mysore where I’ll spend a month doing a yoga course, chilling out and eating plenty of curry.







And the answer is… EGGS!

Chicken Shop.... this is why I am selective about where I order meat dishes in local resturants

Yep… Eggs.

After feeling completely worn out for a few days (see post) I worked out that I need to seriously up my protein intake. So I’ve started having omelettes for breakfast and already feel much better! My practice improved dramatically and I am feeling much happier.

It’s quite hard getting the eating right over here. We don’t finish our morning practice until 10.30. By then I am staving… I usually down a fresh coconut from my coconut man and then head to the Mahesh (the local restaurant) for some Set Dosa or Iddlys. I often have some grape juice and if I am treating myself, I will add a Vada.

  • Set Dosa – kind of a savoury pancake (made with rice flour) that comes with an oniony curry side dish, and some spicy coconut chutney. Yum.
  • Iddlys – steamed rice cake/dumpling type things which come with a tomato based side dish (kind of like a lumpy soup) and the spicy coconut chutney.
  • Vada – an optional bonus that you can order with idlys. These are what I call ‘Indian Donuts’. I am pretty sure it’s the same rice base used for the Dosa and Iddly but it is deep fried and donut shaped. Yum.

Once I have had my breakfast I then go and rest or do some jobs. I don’t usually get hungry again until around 4pm which unfortunately is too close to my evening class to eat. So, as a consequence I have been eating only twice a day. It doesn’t take a genius to work out I am not eating enough. Then, when I pondered it a little more, I realised that I am not getting much protein at all. I can’t drink milk and my local restaurant is 100% vegetarian and doesn’t serve eggs (or booze).

So, my mission in my last few weeks is to try and eat some protein at least every two days. I’ve started eating eggs at the Mandela (a western yogi hangout) for breakfast, I don’t really like the vibe (would much rather eat at the local restaurant) but the food is pretty good. I also might try go to one of the posh hotels and eat some meat…. for reasons which are fairly obvious (I refer to the photo of a local chicken meat supplier) I need to be choosy where I order meat dishes!

An Update

I stopped updating the blog daily because I realised that everyday is pretty much the same over here with slight variations.   This doesn’t lead to overly exciting reading.    I will try and start posting more photos over the next week for your view pleasure… nb: easier said than done as the PCs at my local internet cafe are 100 years old and are veeeeery sloow!

So… yoga update:

The last few days have been pretty good.  My guts have FINALLY sorted themselves out and while  I still have a few episodes of feeling dizzy in the morning class – I am generally feeling a lot better.   Hooray, this makes me happy.    

I am still sleeping really badly though as I am waking 5-6 times in the night to go loo and drink water (I get stupidly thirsty at night).   I am hoping this is a temporary phase because it is really annoying.   I am starting to wonder if something is being activated during back bending OR perhaps (more likely) its caused by the change of breathing through my nose during the day (I  always used to breath through my mouth) and then breathing through my mouth at night (old habits die hard).

The morning classes are going well.  I am still finding them  tiring but I am managing to do the whole kibosh (minus a few moves in the middle because I don’t know how to do them properly).   I’m still working on my headstand, still miles off but really hoping to do at least one proper one before I leave Mysore.

Back bending is still fantastic… I am REALLY going to miss this class when I go home.   I am working on two poses at the mo… back bending on the knees where you drop back and then grab your feet, then somehow (I think) you rest your head on your feet (I’m not there yet).      The other one I am trying is going up onto a upward bow/wheel then moving your hands back you do something (I think grab your ankles)… I had my first attempt at this one so I am a while away (about 20-25cm) from grabbing my ankles.

I couldnt find a picture of back bending on the knees but here is what a wheel/upwards bow looks like:

upward bow
upward bow

Other than yoga – life is good.   Gia and Jennifer have gone to Goa – this is a bit of a bummer (for me) as I really miss hanging out with them.  Jennifer comes back on the 3rd Jan for some more yoga but Gia will go back to Oz after Goa.   This means I have new neighbors…  2 more yoga students (a couple) from Isreal…. I think they will be living next door for 2 weeks and then Jennifer will move in.   

Er…  I have paused my cooking lessons in an attempt to watch my funds and practice what I have learnt so far.   I had my first attempt of making a lentil salad and rice rotis tonight…  it was not an overly fantastic outcome.    All I can say – thank goodness I make a good bowl of porridge!     

The rotis disintegrated when I cooked them and both salad and roti were screaming for chutney…. But I couldn’t make chutney because I don’t have a blender.      So I ended up having a couple of rice rotis and a bowl of porridge for dinner!   Will eat the lentil salad for lunch tomorrow.