A long overdue update!

I am thinking it is time for a long overdue update!   I was meaning to update this blog regularly while in New Zealand but it just hasn’t happened.  I guess the pitfall of spending all day in front of a computer for work means that in my free time I don’t want to touch my laptop (not helped by the fact that it is dying). 

Anyway, I am having a wonderful time in New Zealand and I am starting to get a bit sad about leaving again.   It’s a bit of a weird feeling; I am sad to be leaving but excited to be going to some new destinations!!! 

So… where to next?   Well, on 13th September I will be flying back to Bangkok to spend 2 weeks at my dads place in Samutprakarn (near Bangkok).   It’s most likely I will be working during those two weeks to get a bit more coin before heading off to Nepal and then on to India!   (I’ve spent a fortune in NZ but it’s been worth it!!!)

Yep, Nepal and India are the next countries to visit….  I fly in to Kathmandu, spend a week travelling by myself and then I will join an intrepid tour that will take me overland to New Delhi.     It’s all VERY exciting.   

Here is a map of where I will be going:

Kathmundu to New Delhi
Kathmundu to New Delhi

After my tour I will travel by myself for a week or so and then join another tour around Rajasthan (northern India) that includes going to an annual camel fair which I am really looking forward to.    Here is a map:

Rajasthan (North India)
Rajasthan (North India)

After the second tour I plan to travel around India by myself for a few months, but this is dependant on how I like India and how I find travelling there as a single female (I’ve been warned that it can be hard work but I am sure I will be ok).

So yeah… that is the plan.     I have no idea what I will do after India, I guess I will probably go to Thailand to pick up my stuff from Dads and then move on to somewhere I can settle for a year or so.    At the moment I am thinking South Korea (to teach English) or England (to get a real job), but you know me – I have a tendency to change my mind at the last minute and end up in random destinations! 

Right – I better go.  If I have the time/inclination before I leave I will post some photos/stories about what I have been up to in New Zealand.