Camera Disasters!

Posted by Julia: 

GRRRRRR!!!   I seem to be having a spot of bad luck with my camera on this trip. 

The first camera disaster happened a few weeks ago, I dropped my camera while being harassed by ladies trying to sell me hats and fans.  I got flustered while putting my camera away and someone knocked me causing the camera to fall lens first into the concrete ground.   The lens was smooched, luckily because I had a filter on only the filter smashed and the rest of the lens could be fixed.   The camera itself is not overly damaged, however I think it needs a service when I get back to Bangkok as its not 100% ok.

To make up for my broken lens I went to the shop to buy a new lens (wide angle, something I have wanted for ages) and a new memory card.  I ended up buying a great new lens which I love and a nice big memory card so I don’t need to save my photos to CD every couple of days.

But…. Today the 2nd piece of bad camera luck happened.   I have just lost a whole memory card of photos (4 days worth the Mekong and Phnom Penh) on my brand new (very stupid) memory card.     Oh… the tears are welling but I must be brave… they are only photos and thankfully my backup is paparazzi Megan and her cool little compact camera.   But we did loose some irreplaceable photos…. including the ones of us holding the snake.  Oh well, easy fix…. we will just have to go hug some more snakes, I am sure Megan wont mind!!!